Bangla Font Library is a digital archive for the global online community enabling the utilization of Bangla fonts everyday for users with various needs.

In recognition of a language that holds its heritage high in the passages of history and civilization, we have dedicated this platform to keep the beauty of this unique language alive. As every language evolves and adapts to technology, our agenda is to sustain this versatile language over every platform.

Bangla Font Library does exactly what it says - it’s a centralized font foundry platform to obtain Bengali fonts. We’ve identified that Bangla fonts are scattered across the web, making it difficult for users to locate one prime resource to discover a complete inventory. We’re starting small, but our ambitious team of artists, designers and specialists in technology have come together over one big idea - to celebrate the Bangla language.

In order to lay the foundations of the Bangla Font Library, lets take a look at the history of our language.

Internationally known as Bengali, it is an Indo-Aryan language with its roots emerging from Sanskrit. Spoken by nationals mainly from Bangladesh, yet widespread in the Indian subcontinent, a tremendous need for the availability of this rich tongue arises for one tremendous fact - with over 205 million speakers, Bengali is the seventh most spoken native language in the world by population.

Bengali literature has evoked some of the most exquisite works in literature, especially in the Asian subcontinent. In fact, it’s influence across borders and kingdoms has tributed to the Bangladeshi, Indian and purportedly the Sri Lankan national anthems. With this in mind, our team perceives an urgent requirement of artists, calligraphers, writers, students, technicians as well as people of all walks of life - engrossed professionally and passionately at the highest levels of art and academics, to even primary levels of education, to have access to an absolute collection of digital Bengali fonts.